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Friday, May 28, 2010

Friday Night

So I decided to dedicate my Friday night to a Netflix night! Watched the movie Old Dogs with John Travolta and Robin Williams. I must say I laughed the entire movie. It was a funny yet heartwarming story. Other than that, just having a quiet night.

Today I ended up being quite productive for the most part. I did laundry and managed to tackle the worst sore spot in my house--the big hall closet! I have put off the chore of cleaning this closet out for months now. I decided while I had some extra energy to get in there and get it cleaned out. It felt good to get rid of the things I no longer use and also organize everything in there. I use it as a multi-purpose storage closet/pantry.

It was another hot humid day here. The heat has certainly set in and we won't see much repreive until atleast October. I dread winter time but complain when it gets really humid too. I like that we did have a spring this year which is rare.

About to go crash for the night and watch some late night comedy.